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5 Signs of Arthritis In Cats

Could your cat have arthritis?

Feline arthritis can often go undiagnosed because many times, we attribute the symptoms to advancing age, as well as the fact that the symptoms can be subtle and cats are good at masking their pain. The following are some signs that your cat may have arthritis.

  • Hesitancy in jumping up and down
  • Favoring or using most of their weight on either their front or back legs
  • Walking stiffly, or with a limp
  • Heaving licking near a specific joint or area
  • Laying down to play, especially if they were previously a very active cat

Companion60 by LivePet can help treat and prevent feline arthritis. Our 100% natural formula targets free radicals and toxins that cause inflammation in the joints. Our customers with cats who have arthritis report a decrease in limping, more energy, agility, and an obvious decrease in joint pain.

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