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LivePet, LLC

We make 100% All-Natural Products that make healthy and happy pets.

Reduces Inflammation

Many researchers believe that chronic inflammation is responsible of 80% or more of the maladies suffered by mammals. Companion60 is the all-natural way to reduce inflammation throughout your pet’s body, reducing the symptoms of many different illnesses, and drastically improving the overall health of your dogs, cats and horses.

Lessens Joint Aches & Pains

Whether your pets have been diagnosed with arthritis, or they are just getting older and you can visibly see their pain and difficulty in their joints –Companion60 will reduce inflammation in the joints, lessen their pain and promote significantly better mobility.

Rehabilitates Injured Tissue

Companion60 helps your pets heal old injuries, decreasing inflammation and scar tissue in the affected areas, and noticeably relieving their pain.

Eliminates Scar Tissue

Companion60 contains a highly potent, all-natural antioxidant that scavenges for free radicals throughout the body and eliminates damaging inflammation, toxins and scar tissue.

Promotes Gut Health

The gut isn’t just for digestion –it is the epicenter of your pet’s health and immunity. Companion60 provides immune support, decreases inflammation in the gut, expels toxins and improves your pet’s overall gut health.

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Our 4 year old rottie started having urinary incontinence. After researching causes, I conclude pressure on her hind quarter nerves from inflammation was the cause. I started her on Companion60 and the incontinence stopped immediately. And, her energy kicked up a few notches! I am sold and will keep drizzling it in her food daily!

Jackie D.

My dog Jaxx is a 9 year old Bichon Frise rescue. He had arthritis in his back left leg, which caused him much pain and a nasty limp. Poor little guy! About 6 months ago, I heard about LivePet C60 Companion for Dogs and have been giving it to him daily. Gradually, over a period of about two or three months, Jaxx’s limp has been going away. Now, he can run and play and acts like a young dog! C60 Companion is a wonderful product and I bless you for providing this to help our furry friends. I will definitely continue giving this product to my pets.

Sylvia from Oregon

LivePet Companion60 tremendously helped our Pomeranian mix dog. He had serious knee issues and now it is very minimal. I also noticed a big spike in his energy at 11 years old and he is now more like a puppy these days. LivePet Companion60 is a great product, hands down!

Don V.

Max had a complete ACL tear and surgery last year. As part of his healing regimen, I included Companion60. He loved the taste and it has earned a spot in his daily food and supplements. I’m happy to report that he has made a complete recovery and I feel like he’s gotten so much more energy. His coat looks fantastic and all follow-up visits and x-rays have been perfect. I am so happy we discovered Companion60.


If you have a pet suffering from joint pain, this stuff is amazing. My little Violet could barely walk and was doing hydrotherapy once a week. I started giving her Companion60 and now she only goes once a month and her therapist is amazed on how well she is getting around.

Tammy C.

I credit Companion60 with helping my sweet Noodle regain her energy and silky coat after she was diagnosed with diabetes. I am so grateful to see her jumping around like when she was a puppy. I never miss a day without giving her Companion60! Thank you for a great product.

Dyna W.

My cat, Lily was suffering from feline kidney failure that was making her very lethargic and unwilling to move and jump around like she used to After just a few weeks on Companion60, she was clearly feeling better, playing and moving around without pain. Thank you LivePet!


I have been giving our 12 year-old lab, Carmen, Companion60 Extra Strength for approximately 6 months and have noticed she’s moving better and gaining weight because she’s feeling better.

Jill D.

Meet Atut!

Atut, a 30 year old horse, had been suffering from arthritis due to old age. A week into Atut taking Companion60, his owner, Anne Sheaff noticed more flexibility, more vitality and feeling better and happier. “I would recommend Companinon60 to any equine owner, that this is something they should definitely try and definitely use.”

– Anne Sheaff

Meet Chutzpah!

Chutzpah is a 12 year-old English bull terrier whose dad, Matthew, noticed that he began showing signs of arthritis. Chutzpah would experience a full day of pain and lethargy after a day of play and running around. Chutzpah was prescribed an arthritis medication, but Matthew was concerned about the side effects this medication could have on the rest of Chutzpah’s body, namely the liver. He wanted something natural – and he tried Companion60. “After extended use of Companion60, and consistency, his mobility became better, he had less aggravation, less days of crying after hard play, and was able to do things he used to dread, like stairs. His allergies started to go away a little more, his coat was softer and shinier, he was less itchy, and his mobility is much better.”

– Matthew Tarcov

Meet Yip!

Yip is a retriever mix between 13 and 14 years old who started having problems with mobility as he got older – not wanting to swim or play anymore, and having trouble getting up and done. His mom, Rosemary, tried acupuncture, aspirin and other medications that just didn’t work, and she was reluctant to use regular medication on him because of the side effects. After about six weeks of Companion60, Yip started getting up more often, staying outside longer and wanting to walk more. As he kept taking Companion60, Rosemary noticed Yip gaining more and more mobility, increased appetite and energy, and wanting to play more – all with no negative side effects.

Meet Lily!

Lily was suffering from kidney failure that was making her very lethargic and unwilling to move and jump around like she used to. Once Lily started taking Companion60, it detoxified and cleaned out the build-up of toxins in her body, and she felt better and could move without pain.

Meet Trixie!

“Companion60’s results have been jaw-dropping and spirit-lifting for me and my dog, Trixie. Trixie is a 14 year-old boxer/pit mix. In July of 2013, she blew out her left knee. She started Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory medication. Trixie still wasn’t as spry or playful after the injury. Then came the blessing that is Companion60! It was a total transformation! Trixie has stayed on Companion60 ever since and it is so good to see her move with pep again.” – Holly from Houston, Texas

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