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Benefits of grooming your dog in the winter

Don’t *brush* aside grooming your dog in the winter!

It is a common misconception that putting off grooming in the winter is doing our dog’s a favor, so that they have plenty of fur to keep them warm. On the contrary, dogs often need more grooming during the winter months, especially dogs with long or thick fur.

Bathe and brush often, to prevent your dog’s undercoat from becoming dirty, matted and wet.

Don’t forget that grooming can also just feel great for your dog (who doesn’t love a little pampering?) and improve their mental and emotional well-being as well.

Benefits of frequent grooming in the winter:

  • It prevents wintertime mats and tangles
  • It helps to distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat
  • It helps to relieve wintertime skin dryness

**Dogs shed more in the winter, due to warmer temperatures in our homes. Brush them often!!

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