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C360 Rejuvenate


is formulated using all natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology. We use our tested, patented formula that includes organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and several proprietary ingredients to increase vitality, energy, stamina and beauty. It also balances the immune system and provides healthy immune support. C360 Rejuvenate is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, with no known side effects. Our unique olive oil based lipofullerene combines the greatest density of Carbon60 with carefully selected organic olive oil identified to have the properties that most effectively enhance the efficacy of our olive oil based lipofullerene.

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Free delivery for domestic orders.  Single bottle orders will be shipped via USPS first class mail.

We are upgrading our production facility to meet the increasing surge of demand for our products. We are on a 24-7 schedule and anticipate completing our upgrades by the end of the month. We should be caught up with all orders soon.

In the meantime we have several batches in process and are fulfilling orders in date order every week, continuously reducing our fulfillment window till we reach a 2 business day schedule.

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Weight.65 kg
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Glass bottle is recyclable. Please recycle.


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